22 Best Ad Networks for Publishers For Maximum Earnings in 2023

Are you a publisher looking to maximize your earnings from ad networks? Here is a list of the top ad networks for publishers that you need to check. We have compared the best advertising networks with CPM earnings, approval process, and eligibility criteria. :

Ad Network is a medium between publishers and advertisers. It connects publishers who want to host advertisements with the businesses that want other websites to run their ads.Its work is to facilitate transactions and payments between the two parties. It gathers ad space relevant to the needs of advertisers, aggregates the ad space, packages it, and sells it to the advertisers.There are various pricing options that ad networks offer.

Some of them are CPM- Cost Per Mille (thousand impressions), vCPM- Viewable CPM, CPC- Cost Per Click, CPV- Cost Per View.What You Will Learn:Ad Networks for Publishers ReviewTypes of Ad NetworksFrequently Asked QuestionsList of Ad Networks for PublishersComparison of Top Ad Networks

#1) AdThrive

#2) Google AdSense

#3) Mediavine

#4) Ezoic

#5) Monumetric

#6) Media.net

#7) PropellerAds

#8) Index Exchange

#9) PubMatic

#10) PubWise

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